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GMO Rice Coming to Your Plate Soon

31 Dec 2019

A Philippines regulatory agency approved the use of genetically engineered Golden Rice for use as food and animal feed, bringing it one step closer to commercial planting. However, controversy continues to surround this beta-carotene-containing GMO, with critics saying it's unlikely to solve the problem of vitamin A deficiency.

Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas

22 Dec 2019

It's Wall Street's latest darling, and a heavily-hyped menu item in many restaurants. Having raised $257 million from investors, it's yet to be proven healthy or safe. What are the risks of swallowing up the hype?

Buyer Beware: GMO Stevia Is Everywhere

06 Dec 2019

If you listen to the government's propaganda, whole leaf stevia isn't safe for consumption - only fake GMO stevia made to mimic stevia is safe. Even more ridiculous, Cargill's genetically engineered stevia is being marketed as 'nonartificial' even though it's concocted in a lab.

Bill Gates Still Shilling for Bayer

12 Nov 2019

By pouring money into industrial agriculture's GMOs and chemical-intensive farming practices, Bill Gates is continuing the work of Bayer and other multinational corporations interested in controlling agriculture and the food supply, at the expense of local farmers and human health.

GMO Avocados in Development

15 Oct 2019

Scientists have mapped out the genome of the avocado, paving the way for genetic modification. GMO avocados haven't been created yet, but research is in the works to create GE avocados that can resist disease or survive in different climates.

Major Junk Food Company Collapses

11 Oct 2019

It's one of the biggest stories of the decade. This relentless junk food giant is shutting down - complete with new name, agenda, goals and leadership. You showed them. Their money-laundering scheme (and all the rest) backfired. So savor your victory. Celebrate with real food.

Natural Products Association is going bankrupt

04 Sep 2019

One of the oldest trade groups in the natural products space, Natural Products Association, filed bankruptcy following a lawsuit. The organization developed a certification for natural products that does not include labeling products with GMO ingredients. Although the oldest organization, they are not the best for consumers or businesses.

Why genetic engineering flows off target

16 Jul 2019

The introduction of genetically engineered crops has led to the proliferation of herbicide-resistant weeds, and researchers believe herbicide-resistance gene flow may be primarily to blame, calling it an 'underestimated and underappreciated' phenomenon.

Genetically engineered salmon on your plate without your knowledge

09 Jul 2019

Salmon that's genetically engineered to grow unnaturally fast is being raised in Indiana and will soon be available, sold under a 'bioengineered' label. However, the labelling isn't mandatory until 2022, may be hidden behind a scannable code and isn't required at all for GE salmon sold by restaurants and other food service locations.

The fake food race is worth $3 trillion

03 Jul 2019

This trendy food is being touted as the 'green' solution, but in reality it may be one of the most harmful foods ever created for your health and our food supply. It contains a chemical 113 times the level of what can alter the function of more than 4,000 liver and kidney genes and cause organ damage.