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You Are a Guinea Pig — Undisclosed GMO Soybean Oil Released

23 Apr 2019

Gene-edited soybean oil is already on the market and being served in dressings and sauces, as well as used for frying. Because it contains two inactivated genes, rather than having foreign genes inserted, it's being marketed as non-GMO, even though it's clearly genetically engineered.

Second Jury Trial Implicates Roundup in Lymphatic Cancer

03 Apr 2019

Investors may be devastated by the plummeting stock value, but you should be dancing in the streets at this welcomed news. It's a victory for humans of all ages, wildlife and insects, and even the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Can Organic Certifiers Be Trusted?

02 Apr 2019

Organic certifiers are tasked with certifying the foods labeled organic, but there's a wide discrepancy of standards among them. Some certifiers slap an organic label on inhumane factory farms while others call soil-less hydroponic growing organic. A new guide from the Cornucopia Institute can help farmers and consumers know which certifiers can be trusted.

Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas

24 Mar 2019

It's Wall Street's latest darling, and a heavily-hyped menu item in many restaurants - having raised $257 million from investors, including Bill Gates. But it's yet to be proven healthy or safe, so what are the risks of swallowing up the hype?

Degeneration Nation: GMOs, Toxic Chemicals and Factory Farms

19 Mar 2019

Chemical farmers, food processors and food marketers alike are backing the primary driving force of deteriorating public health, as a growing number of people in this country die from antibiotic-resistant infections and the climate dangerously destabilizes.

Gene-Edited Chickens Are Here

05 Feb 2019

Scientists have used CRISPR gene-editing technology to create chickens that are resistant to the flu. Already, however, they’re anticipating that the public may be less-than-enthusiastic about gene-edited chickens on the dinner table.

Beware of GMO Potatoes!

27 Nov 2018

They appear to bruise and brown less, but a tell-all book about these potatoes reveals they contain unstable traits and unintended mutations that compromise nutrition, and are likely to contain new toxins. Are you eating these 'Pandora's Potatoes' without realizing it?

Strange Bedfellows: GMO and Vaccine Partnerships

18 Sep 2018

Designed to appear 'momsy,' these campaigns are wolves in sheep's clothing - and you are the target. Watch out for these 7 techniques designed to pull the wool over your eyes, and find out what you must know to recognize a con when you see it.

Genetically Modified Children: New Film Unveils the ‘Monstrous’ Child Deformities Caused by Agrochemicals in Argentina

25 Aug 2018

There are zero benefits to this substance, other than lining the pockets of these shameless corporate heads. Yet since it was introduced in 1966, it's usage has soared despite mounting scientific evidence of its dangers. One of the worst betrayals you'll ever come across.

The Organic Corporate Takeover

14 Aug 2018

The Organic Trade Association (OTA), a leading organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the organic label, is filled with corporate members that produce toxic pesticides and genetically engineered (GE) foods. With mega-corporations increasingly taking over organic, can the organic label really be trusted?