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Natural Products Association is going bankrupt

04 Sep 2019

One of the oldest trade groups in the natural products space, Natural Products Association, filed bankruptcy following a lawsuit. The organization developed a certification for natural products that does not include labeling products with GMO ingredients. Although the oldest organization, they are not the best for consumers or businesses.

Why genetic engineering flows off target

16 Jul 2019

The introduction of genetically engineered crops has led to the proliferation of herbicide-resistant weeds, and researchers believe herbicide-resistance gene flow may be primarily to blame, calling it an 'underestimated and underappreciated' phenomenon.

Genetically engineered salmon on your plate without your knowledge

09 Jul 2019

Salmon that's genetically engineered to grow unnaturally fast is being raised in Indiana and will soon be available, sold under a 'bioengineered' label. However, the labelling isn't mandatory until 2022, may be hidden behind a scannable code and isn't required at all for GE salmon sold by restaurants and other food service locations.

The fake food race is worth $3 trillion

03 Jul 2019

This trendy food is being touted as the 'green' solution, but in reality it may be one of the most harmful foods ever created for your health and our food supply. It contains a chemical 113 times the level of what can alter the function of more than 4,000 liver and kidney genes and cause organ damage.

GMO wheat and frankenfish are here to stay

25 Jun 2019

Genetically engineered wheat has been found growing in a Washington field, even though GE wheat has not been approved for commercial sale. The first GE salmon eggs have also arrived in Indiana, which will grow GE salmon for human consumption, slated for harvest in 2020.

Genetically edited babies might die young

18 Jun 2019

Twin babies born in China were the first to be genetically edited, in this case in order to resist infection with HIV. But the potential benefit may come at a steep cost - the babies may be about 21% less likely to live a full life span, as research shows their gene mutations may lead to a shortened life span.

Glyphosate use rises and you need to be careful how you test for it

12 Jun 2019

Once considered a 'marvel' product, it's now the subject of more than 13,000 pending lawsuits. So why, according to a recent study, has its use soared - almost fifteenfold? Here's a list of the many ways in which it harms your health.

Impossible Burger Attacks Moms for Publishing Pesticide Results

04 Jun 2019

A consumer advocacy group published independent laboratory testing showing the fake meat Impossible Burger contains glyphosate residues. The company fired back, and rather than committing to getting the disease-causing agent out of their food, engaged in a smear campaign against the group of moms, complete with name-calling and other insults.

Regenerative Farming: Restoring Soil Health and Saving Americans From Cancer, Chronic Disease

01 Jun 2019

The epidemic of this disease in recent times is so severe, it's comparable to the nuclear catastrophe that occurred at Chernobyl. However, these two pioneers have a solution for reversing the attack - and it has nothing to do with doctors or supplements.

Monsanto Argues Roundup Cancer Victim Should Receive Less Money Because of Imminent Death

07 May 2019

As expected, they appealed the award damages in the historic case of 46-year-old Dewayne Johnson, who's dying of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The company now asks for a reversal of the damages awarded. And you won't believe their flimsy claim. It's a new low even for them.