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The Nutrition Wars and Downfall of Big Food

13 Dec 2017 | 135,667 Views

Could this dinosaur be about to die, as things are thrown into disarray? It's great news, but it's causing online incivility to get bad among dietitians. Stay tuned for this coming attraction.

Roundup Creates Antibiotic Resistance

05 Dec 2017 | 17,771 Views

The toxic herbicide Roundup has once again been tied to antibiotic resistance, with its active ingredient glyphosate revealed as the primary culprit. It's also detrimental to beneficial soil fungi. Remember, 'antibiotic' means 'anti-life,' and it's increasingly looking like Roundup is the latter.

GMO Golden Rice Is Fake News Propaganda

14 Nov 2017 | 17,943 Views

Golden Rice, a genetically engineered rice that contains beta-carotene, is still being touted as the solution to vitamin A deficiency, but even after 20-plus years of research, it has failed to deliver on its promise. Meanwhile, breastfeeding, vitamin A supplementation and vitamin A-rich foods already exist to combat the nutrient deficiency.

1,200 Percent Increase of Weed Killer in Your Body

07 Nov 2017 | 42,600 Views

Since the introduction of genetically engineered crops in 1994, usage of one popular herbicide increased dramatically, as did corresponding levels in people's bodies. What can you do to lower your exposure?

Laboratory Testing Reveals Substantial Amounts of Glyphosate in Foods and Population

29 Oct 2017 | 190,774 Views

What they found will make you choke - 10 of the 11 flavors they looked at contained measurable amounts of this bloodcurdling toxin. And at least one contained levels that, according to most recent research, raised serious questions about safety.

Monsanto Banned From Parliament

10 Oct 2017 | 33,774 Views

After reports that Monsanto had influenced studies into the safety of glyphosate, the European Parliament requested the company's presence at a hearing on the topic. When they refused to attend, they were subsequently banned from the European Parliament.

Ben & Jerry's Responds to Boycott Dirty Dairy

10 Oct 2017 | 38,624 Views

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made with CAFO milk that's destroying the environment, including Lake Carmi in Vermont. The company's CEO recently toured the contaminated lake, seeing with his own eyes why so many are calling for a boycott of the 'dirty dairy' ice cream.

Can You Really Call This ‘Clean Meat?’

05 Sep 2017 | 31,981 Views

Billionaire investors and agricultural giants are teaming up to bring lab-grown 'clean meat' to a supermarket near you. While animal welfare and environmental groups are heralding this as a major step forward, what's being overlooked is the fact that this represents yet another patented and unnatural food product.

New Dicamba Herbicide Wreaks Havoc Across the US

29 Aug 2017 | 162,582 Views

This is just one of 700 lawsuits filed against this Biotech giant. And now one of the replacement herbicides being used in increasing amounts for chemical-resistant superweeds is thought to raise the risk of deadly lymphoma in humans and in some dogs by as much as 70 percent.

The Problem With Organic Hydroponics

23 Aug 2017 | 203,873 Views

Organic rules require foods be grown a certain way. So don't be fooled by this label - or the food's reputation as pure. They can be worse than conventionally grown foods. And their advocacy for lax standards is the brainchild of the traitors who brought you the DARK Act. Beware.