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Regenerative Agriculture Is the Answer to Many of the World’s Most Pressing Problems

14 Oct 2014 | 97,065 Views

Could the solution to disease be found in the quality of the soil in which you grow your food? Yes, if you pay attention to these points... To feed the world we must feed the soil.

Herbicide and Insecticide Use on GMO Crops Is Skyrocketing, and Rubber-Stamped Approvals Now Usher in Next-Gen GMOs

12 Oct 2014 | 36,748 Views

USDA data reveals our crops are stuffed with twelve times more of this than in 1996, and it ends up in the foods you eat on a regular basis. But it's about to get worse - this Vietnam War toxin linked to Parkinson's, cancers, and endocrine disruptions is about to take center stage.

“The Future of Food”—GMOs, Gene Patenting, and the Corporatization of Our Food Supply

11 Oct 2014 | 211,099 Views

It's perhaps the biggest biological experiment humanity has ever seen, and the effects are complex and unpredictable, with pieces of DNA interact with each other in unexpected and potentially dangerous ways. Be careful: here are some of the side effects.

New Documentary “Symphony of the Soil” Extols the Importance and Mystery of Soil

04 Oct 2014 | 238,257 Views

By ignoring this, you're not only putting your family's health at risk - you're assisting in a species level suicide that may be closer than we think. Here are the facts. But a warning, only read it if you can handle the truth. It's extremely disturbing.

Two States Ready to Fight for GMO Labeling in November While Industry Pushes Bill to Remove State Rights

23 Sep 2014 | 163,015 Views

He was immediately struck with nausea and breathing problems, and his condition rapidly deteriorated until he died shortly thereafter. The punishment for this criminal trespass: nothing but a silly slap on the wrist - it's time to fight back.

Experimental GMO Drug-Making Crops Grown with Little Oversight

23 Sep 2014 | 67,604 Views

Genetically modified crops, including those that contain pharmaceuticals, are often grown right next to traditional crops with little regulatory oversight.

Pro-GMO Industries Increase Spending and Launch Attack to Discredit World-Famous Environmentalist in an Effort to Thwart GMO Labeling in the US

16 Sep 2014 | 253,804 Views

An innocent victim commits suicide every 30 minutes by using the very substance that brings them such grief. And the scholar who is trying to bring to light and help end this travesty is now herself the victim of a vicious smear campaign.

Why the Use of Glyphosate in Wheat Has Radically Increased Celiac Disease

14 Sep 2014 | 435,021 Views

It's a contributing factor in autism, celiac disease, and likely a host of others. This MIT scientist believes it also acts as a transporter for aluminum into your brain and arsenic into your kidneys. So is this behind today's explosion of diseases no one thought about 30 years ago?

How to Create a Self-Sustainable Food System

09 Aug 2014 | 225,516 Views

This gardening principle is well worth paying attention to, as it can radically affect your health and well-being. But so few people consider it that even if you're an extremely health-conscious person, you're probably ignoring it. Claim this as your health ally today.

Organic Food Really Is Healthier, New Analysis Concludes

29 Jul 2014 | 231,806 Views

Do you eat them? They have everything but nutrition - cancer-causing cadmium, fewer nutrients, etc. Yet most people settle for them instead of choosing this healthier option. Isn't your health worth more than settling to you?


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