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Consumer Groups Initiate Private Glyphosate Testing in US

05 May 2015 | 146,948 Views

Odds are you will, but you won't even know it - and that's a big problem considering it's possibly the most important factor in the development of cancer and multiple chronic diseases.

Health Canada to Relabel Roundup Weedkiller

28 Apr 2015 | 205,786 Views

It's just been declared a class 2A carcinogen, yet it's been invisibly applied to your food for years. Warning: don't read this while eating, you may literally spit out whatever is in your mouth.

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo Agree to Remove Flame Retardant Chemical from Their Products

22 Apr 2015 | 281,414 Views

The US has refused to ban it (it's been pending safety studies for the last 44 years). Blamed for memory loss, nerve problems, damaged thyroids, infertility, and cancer, it's in more products than you can imagine. Don't wait, get it out of your life now.

Driving GMOs and Monsanto’s Roundup off the Market

21 Apr 2015 | 179,870 Views

New peer-reviewed studies are being published nearly every week, showing the great risks of this health trap. It'll likely soon even be reclassified as a Group 2 "probable carcinogen." Which raises the question, are you drinking the Kool-Aid?

Chinese Government Sued for Genetically Modified Food

21 Apr 2015 | 28,453 Views

Chinese citizens sue their government for increased transparency regarding the safety of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

GMO Awareness Campaign Continues

19 Apr 2015 | 142,479 Views

We might have lost a few battles, but with over 90 percent of Americans now wanting to know about this - I am certain we will win the war. Otherwise, McDonald's wouldn't be backing down on their French fries, nor would Coca-Cola be making such silly threats...

Eliminating Sweet Drinks and Processed Foods Is a Powerful Strategy for Improving Your Health

15 Apr 2015 | 218,864 Views

No matter what superhero story you're into, there's always a good guy and a bad guy - and food is no different. And these are the worst of the worst - which you must veto if you want to avoid a future health shock that whacks you from behind...

Troubling Revelations: Roundup Herbicide Worsens Antibiotic-Resistance Already Fueled by Factory Farming

07 Apr 2015 | 198,930 Views

Found in many foods that were once healthy, this ingredient is linked to digestive issues, obesity, autism, Alzheimer's, depression, Parkinson's, liver diseases, and cancer. Ignored by most, it may be the most significant environmental toxin on the planet...

Monsanto—A Sustainable Ag Company?

28 Mar 2015 | 220,625 Views

If you are, then you're trusting the same group of people who told you agent orange and dioxin was safe. Whatever you do - avoid eating products containing any of these two ingredients that are not 100 percent organic...

Toxic Industrial Standards Are No Longer Invincible

03 Mar 2015 | 224,441 Views

Lies about these foods have been perpetuated everywhere, most recently in the National Geographic - despite the fact there's not a shred of scientific evidence. 300 experts have now spoken out - and you should heed their warning and avoid them at all costs.


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