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GMO Corn

Doctor Warns: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older

A new study at the Hawaii Center for Health Research showed people who consumed a lot of this "healthy" food in mid-life not only aged less gracefully, they were more likely to experience brain...

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Genetically Engineered Golden Rice Falls Short on Lifesaving Promise

28 Jun 2016 | 1,249 Views

Rice genetically engineered to produce beta-carotene has been touted as a lifesaver for vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. But even after nearly two decades of research, the GE rice isn't ready for approval and has failed to demonstrate real health benefits to its targeted consumers.

The Price We Pay for Fighting Pests With Chemicals and Genetic Engineering

04 Jun 2016 | 196,795 Views

Mosquitoes spread a nasty viral "bone-crushing" disease that affects 20 times as many people as the flu and kills far more, too. In a desperate attempt to curtail this growing epidemic, a release of genetically engineered mosquitoes is under way. But is there a safer option?

Here's Why 'Inert' Ingredients May Be the Most Harmful of All

31 May 2016 | 37,480 Views

You've probably heard about glyphosate, the toxic active ingredient in Roundup herbicide. What you probably have not heard is that Roundup's so-called inert ingredients may be even more toxic, yet escape regulatory scrutiny because they're considered inactive and are part of companies' trade secrets.

Taxpayer Money Used to Promote Biotech Propaganda

03 May 2016 | 118,657 Views

In short, your tax dollars are about to be spent to further this completely biased and scientifically unsupported idea this is safe and beneficial - and nothing could be further from the truth. Talk about a misappropriation of funds.

Many Surprising Foods Found to Contain Monsanto's Deadly Poison

03 May 2016 | 88,488 Views

Private testing revealed the presence of glyphosate in many commonly consumed breakfast foods. Even organic and non-genetically engineered foods contain this now-ubiquitous toxin.

New Book Sets Record Straight on GMO Myths and Truths

24 Apr 2016 | 207,028 Views

If you're an earnest truth-seeker and want mountaintop health, you owe it to yourself to avoid falling for these lies, because they can take your health and pummel it to shreds. And as you know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Which is especially true for your health.

Scientific American—Another Monsanto Bedfellow

19 Apr 2016 | 209,811 Views

As much as I like this magazine, I cannot let them slide on this issue. Why they would be so willing to risk their reputation by being associated with this is beyond belief. Please be wary of anything they share about this topic.

Not Even Your Organic Wine Is Safe From Monsanto

12 Apr 2016 | 49,967 Views

Many people buy organic wine because they want to avoid chemicals like Roundup, which is heavily sprayed on many non-organic genetically engineered (GE) crops. But a new analysis revealed that even organic wines may not be safe from this herbicide's wide reach.

Court Finds GMA Guilty of Unlawful Shenanigans, Monsanto Has a New Immunity Rider, and Two More Academics Outed as 'Fronts'

29 Mar 2016 | 163,736 Views

They wanted it both ways - to hide their ingredients, but without backlash. And now the court has ruled against them after finding they were even provided "media guidance" on how to lie when questions were asked. Please boycott these unethical brands by getting this app.

Monsanto Is Inside Everything

22 Mar 2016 | 63,939 Views

The world's most used agricultural chemical, glyphosate, is now widespread in people and the environment. The chemical has been found in blood, urine and breast milk samples, and it's been found to cross the placental barrier, giving a significant dose to babies even before they're born.


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