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The Smoking Gun Media Failed to Address — Funds from Monsanto Hidden?

07 Oct 2015 | 193,525 Views

It dramatically boosts your risk of cancer and early death. But these bullies have done such a clever job of covering it up, shifting funds to puppets, and other deceptive shell games. Find out what you're NOT being told about these deadly dangers... don't become an unwitting victim.

Pesticides Increasingly Threaten Human Health

08 Sep 2015 | 179,200 Views

Residents of this US vacation paradise complain of stinging eyes, headaches, and vomiting, while grotesque birth defects and learning disabilities catapult. But in Europe, retailers are ditching these toxins faster than ever. Why this weird paradox?

The Public Health Ramifications of GMOs and Herbicides

01 Sep 2015 | 272,327 Views

This substance haunts us at every turn, and it takes a bit of effort to avoid it, but it's worth it. Found to harm your pineal gland, which in turn can lead to gut dysbiosis and neurological diseases including autism, depression, dementia, anxiety, and abnormal sleep patterns.

Should GMOs Be Labeled?

11 Aug 2015 | 236,988 Views

There is a widespread food fraud occurring each time you go to the supermarket - these foods are playing a major role in obesity and very likely cancer.

House Passes Bill to Ban GMO Labeling Laws

04 Aug 2015 | 110,395 Views

With the latest act being passed despite heavy opposition, presenting a significant blow to our right to truthful and transparent information about the food we eat... this may be our last chance. Please, let's do everything we can to take them to task...

Dissenting Lawmakers Punished as Corporate Takeover of United States Advances

07 Jul 2015 | 170,480 Views

Don't let them get away with this sneaky act, which could spell disaster for our food supply. 60 nations, including Russia and China require this, but soon US food suppliers may have complete ongoing immunity with these toxic foods.

Researcher Reveals Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer

05 Jul 2015 | 291,919 Views

These documents have been hidden away for decades, but you have a right to know what may be happening inside your body if you eat even small quantities of these foods. You'll be shocked that these findings have been known for 34 years but you haven't been told.

Consumer Protection Group Applauds FDA Ban on Trans Fats, but Undermines GMO Labeling Movement...

01 Jul 2015 | 237,413 Views

Endorsed by doctors, they were the "new prescription" back in the 1980s, but they likely caused around 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 heart-related deaths each year. Sadly, many people still believe in them today. And now they're thought to harm your memory, too.

Pope Francis, Neil Young, and 100,000 Beekeepers Take a Stand Against Toxic Agriculture

30 Jun 2015 | 198,803 Views

Surprising many people, Pope Francis has just unleashed his newest crusade, and it has little to do with religion. You'll be amazed at his grasp of the subject in this synopsis of his 184-page letter, and no matter your perspective, I think you'll agree he's to be commended.

Corporate Domination of Food Threatens Cultural Identities

09 Jun 2015 | 142,452 Views

Despite widespread pubic resistance to fast-tracking the TPP, Senators were more influenced by money than by you. No wonder the vote was so lopsided! One Senator received 14 payments totally $119,700 in just three months. They sold out and left us hanging... Now what's ahead?


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