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The Peril on Your Plate: Film Explores the Human Health Effects of Genetic Engineering and Chemical Agriculture

23 Jun 2018 | 101,344 Views

It's causing many to commit suicide, and fleecing many others of their health - yet they continue to spread these cherished falsehoods that are making millions miserable. Don't get bamboozled and led astray, read this.

Monsanto, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

19 Jun 2018 | 111,113 Views

The handwriting is on the wall - get ready to see even lower-quality foods and price increases over the next 3 to 12 months thanks to this latest event, which should have been stopped in its tracks. Your support is needed to help us strike back.

GMO Rice Approved

19 Jun 2018 | 13,355 Views

Controversial genetically engineered Golden Rice has received regulatory approval in the fourth country to date. While this could pave the way for increase approvals worldwide, opponents are fighting back, pointing out Golden Rice’s questionable safety and lack of proven effectiveness in alleviating vitamin A deficiency.

Harvest of Greed — The Merger of Bayer and Monsanto

02 Jun 2018 | 165,804 Views

They win by dirty tactics - price fixing, above-the-law mandates and mergers of giants. Their power mongering leaves a trail of destruction, cannibalizing humanity and our planet. On a level playing field, these monsters would keel over dead. Isn't it time to slay this Goliath?

Latest Update on Toxicity of Popular Weed Killer and Proposed Rule for Labeling of GMOs

23 May 2018 | 99,355 Views

By disrupting how your cell membranes function, this can actually kill your cells. And that's not good news considering how pervasive this chemical has become in both your food and living environment. Just when we thought its active ingredient was the demon, now we're learning it's the formula itself that's the kiss of death.

Privilege of Knowledge and the Duty to Act on Pesticides

17 Apr 2018 | 17,362 Views

Integrative biologist Tyrone Hayes is one of the most well-known critics of the pesticide atrazine, but at one time he was working for their maker, Syngenta. Once he revealed the truth about this toxic chemical, he changed his life's mission to getting the word out about its dangers.

Regenerative Agriculture — The Next Big Thing

27 Mar 2018 | 117,413 Views

And why this is now the gold standard to beat - providing a far superior source of food for you and your loved ones. Includes several ploys to watch out for to make sure you're not fooled by the rampant levels of disinformation and deception within the industry.

Beyond GMOs and Fast Food Nation: Regenerating Public Health

14 Mar 2018 | 134,447 Views

No matter who advises it, you'd be smart to shun it. Otherwise, the powers that be will continue their normal rant. And you get left holding the bag. Don't let them keep conning you. Their ship is sinking and they know it. Don't you stay on the Titanic. How to bail today.

Recent Successes and What’s in Store for Organic Industry in 2018

11 Mar 2018 | 154,125 Views

This is a must-address issue if you want to save or preserve your health. Because these hidden toxins can inflict untold amounts of damage even if they look, feel and taste normal. Some even carry lying labels, like these traitor brands. Avoid this trap, whatever they pretend to be.

Can You Taste Pesticides in Your Food?

07 Mar 2018 | 27,033 Views

Although fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest foods, many are contaminated with pesticides. Researchers have demonstrated you may have the ability to taste pesticides in your food and drink.